Multi-Function display based on the look and feel of the Honeywell Primus 1000 MFD, also includes additional features more usefull in PC flight simulation.


· Approach path display

Displays birds eye view of approach path to show aircraft's current position relative to the approach path/course.

· Arrival runway traffic pattern display

Displays 5 nm standard traffic pattern around selected runway.

· Floating TOD/BOD display

Floating TOD display adjust to aircrafts position relative to the calculated descent path to indicate if aircraft is above or below the deacent path at its current position.

· Airports/ Navaids Display

Displays nearby VOR's and NDB's and /or Airports when the Nav or APT function is turned on. These displays due to clutter will not display when the Nav display is set to the higher ranges.

· FIR/ARTCC boundary display

Displays nearby ARTCC/FIR Air traffic control boundaries.

· Popup TCAS display

Popup TCAS view that displays on top of the lower half of the Navigation display. Can be toggled on/off as needed.

· Airport Runway configuration display

Displays Airport runway configuration when Nav display zoom is set to 2.5nm or less. This display is set to the departure airport when a new flight plan is loaded and automatically set to the arrival airport when the aircraft leaves the departure airport area.